Wednesday, June 9, 2010

42 :: Me & Lil Man

This is Lil Man, Chris and Brittany's dog. I call him my grandson, haha. The kids were living here and Brittany was pregnant with Bailey when she got him. He was just a wee pup. He grew up here with my dogs, so when they moved into their first home, he was really depressed, because he missed his friends. But, he comes and spends  the night at his grandma's and plays with his buddies. He and Sparky are best friends. I have to say I missed him too when they moved, so I always enjoy when my Lil Man comes for his visits. He's a little charmer,  and he's just so darn cute!
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PonderandStitch said...

That is a really great picture of both of you!! lol

Anonymous said...

I haven't been home in so long I forget....which is lil man again?.....just poking fun at ya babe!....if all goes well and the loads allow I'll try to be home for fathers day, but am not holding my breath!

Mephaela said...

How sweet moment :)


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